The rise of the smaller players #retail #kantar @kantar_uki

A few weeks old again. Must get better!

The kantar Worldpanel data landed this morning and it makes sobering reading for the BIG 4 with all 4 posting declines although in a market that was only marginally up this was perhaps expected.

  • Tesco – -1.5%
  • Sainsbury – -0.7%
  • Asda – -2.2%
  • Morrisons – -2.9%

So using this data you would call Sainsbury the winner at Christmas with a significant increase (7%) in their online sales.

The real joy comes at the bottom of the market with Lidl, Aldi, Co-Op and Ocado seeing growth. 

  • Aldi – 5.9%
  • Lidl – 10.3%
  • Co-op – 3.0%
  • Ocado – +12.5%
  • Iceland – 1.3%

The Hankins Hot take – Like the last few years the “discounters” have made inroads at Christmas however in line with the suggestion yesterday I think we are seeing the rise of specialists with distinctive propositions finally seeing the benefits.  They are never going to be the biggest but they could be highly profitable entities alongside the big 4 serving particular needs.  The rise of online shopping is another evolving picture.  Christmas is perfect for this as no-one likes to trundle round the crowded supermarkets fighting over the last Gluten Free pack of Mince pies, much better to book your slot in September and do it all online!  M&S will be looking at this with delight due to the growth at Ocado whilst Waitrose will be worrying about the financial impact next year with only 3 months to “restock” the online shopping larder.  As to Co-Op and Iceland their trajectories seem secure as they reap the benefits of their recent transformation plans.


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