The wrong time

It’s always the way.  You spend a period of time with no time pressure mulling things over in your head.  Constructing thoughts, doing research, identifying that key insight that will wow the industry but; then you take forever to compile your thoughts and by the time you do, you’re busy again and don’t have the space to write a series of articles.

I’m sure @rshotton would be able to tell be the bias i’m exhibiting here and that’s great but what i really need to do is get started, publish the work and get it out there.

Hopefully this is the start of a small burst of pieces of research and analysis that I hope will be useful to all marketers who have an interest in their work and provide a few provocations to the industry as a whole.

Here’s to hoping that i get off my arse and get scripting, at least now i’ve created a modicum of pressure upon myself!